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Businesses are looking to scale back on hiring big teams and having pricey retainers with media and advertising agencies. However, they still need access to quality talent on-demand and at a fair price.

We're here to help.

How We Are Different

The Power of Few is a global network of trusted freelancers accessible to businesses. We create and curate bespoke freelance teams on a per-project basis to answer any marketing and media brief.

Where we differ from other freelance platforms is that we aren't focused on scale, instead, we vet and only bring on quality practitioners.


Working With Us

For brands and businesses, hiring a Power of Few team is a great way to move your business forward without needing to recruit full-time employees or hire a retained agency.

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Our Freelance Network

While maintaining flexibility and variety, we provide a structure where freelancers can work with other talented practitioners, take on bigger projects and grow further in their career.

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We are born out of a belief in people and the collective power of an A-team to solve any brief.

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The network is maintained through an extensive vetting process. We have no desire to build the largest online freelance network, but instead, we are obsessed with finding and growing a network of elite teams.

This section is designed to help us find out more about you as we create and curate skilled freelance teams. Share a bit about yourself and your experience.

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Tap into our network of trusted freelance teams today.

Our freelance network consists of vetted research, strategy, creative, UX, social media, PR and integrated marketing implementation teams both in NYC and London.

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